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Courses are taught for Design and / or Interior Design Schools or Masters, interest groups or associations, as well as for individuals or companies. The passion for the profession and the knowledge of interior design techniques, decoration, Home Staging, decoration styling or space organization are shared.

Specific sessions are organized on each of the different techniques and subjects in Master’s training cycles and / or Specialization Courses within Interior Design programs or other related courses.

The training sessions can have different lengths, from a morning session to a complete cycle that includes various more structured sessions. The training is given both face-to-face, and through streaming or video conferencing techniques.

Cuorses currently provided in:

Master of Interior Design ELLE DECOR - Mindway Business School and Univ. Complutense Madrid:

Since 2019, sessions on Home Staging as well as on the trajectory of the Estudio Maria del Valle Interior Staging in this countryside.

Masterclass at Interior Design Experience

In February 2021 a Masterclass on Home Staging is given. Strategies from María del Valle Interior Staging as well as on the trajectory of Estudio Maria del Valle Interior Staging in this field.

Type of training that can be provided:

Courses on Home Staging

The whole process and the different techniques of Home Staging are covered. What is Home Staging, how does it work, what are the objectives pursued, who is it aimed at, what assets can it be applied to, what is the work methodology and how to start a Home Staging business. (Face-to-face and online).

Courses on the styling of residential decoration or for the press

Sessions are given where students are provided with knowledge and techniques to maintain a decorating style in homes that allows them to find and maintain the necessary harmony in the homes. The styling for the different rooms of the house is approached. This course is aimed at both interior design professionals, Home Staging professionals or private clients who want to have their home always ready and with that “wow” effect of magazines. (Face-to-face and online).

Courses on contract decoration styling, businesses or companies

This decoration styling course is focused on achieving the desired harmony for the different public or business spaces. Both restaurants, offices or shops facing the public. The different techniques and tools are addressed so that the space highlights its full potential and remains permanently in the magazine. General courses are held so that interior design and / or Home Staging professionals can apply in their projects, as well as training and tailor-made styling for businesses or companies based on their needs and with training for their teams to maintain the styling designed. (face-to-face and online).

Spaces Organization Service

In both residential and business areas, organizational needs are analyzed and studied and the best methods and techniques to carry them out are planned. (Face-to-face and online)

I left wanting more!!!"

“I am a student of the Master in Interior Design at Mindway. Today we were lucky enough to hear María Del Valle giving an impressive talk about Home Staging. It was an incredible class, not only because of the Contents but also because of María’s ability to transmit them in an entertaining and exciting way. I left wanting more!!!”

Maria Fernanda Richmond

She is a great professional and knows how to perfectly transmit all her knowledge

“María del Valle has not given a talk about home staging at the mindway academy to the students of the 4th master’s degree in interior design, she left us all fascinated, she gave us a 2-hour talk and knew us little … we wanted more … you can see that she is a great professional and knows how to perfectly transmit all her knowledge. He is a very close and nice person with everyone. Thank you very much Maria for your advice.”

Ferran Acosta

Helpful experience and advice

“Impressive presentation by María del Valle, very fruitful and interesting. He shared with us his experience and a lot of advice that will surely be of great use to us.” Berta Gómez

A brutal ability to transmit his knowledge

“I have attended a couple of talks given by María about homestaging and I never get tired of listening to her !! He masters this technique like few others and has a brutal ability to transmit his knowledge.”

Mariajose Flores Tamarit

Very generous in sharing so much information

“I attended her masterclass through Interior Design, the truth is that I learned a lot of tips to apply both in Home Staging and in interior styling. She expresses her knowledge very well and is very generous in sharing so much information.”

Pilar Sebastián Rico

Essential tips to have success stories

“I was lucky enough to be able to attend a masteclass with her. I’m just starting out in the world of home staging and he speaks very clearly, giving essential tips to have success stories. :)”

Raquel Borredá Castillejos

María is a super professional and besides, a great speaker giving classes!

“I was lucky to assist to the masterclass that María gave on Home Staging at the Interior Design Masterclass and I couldn’t be more happy and excited. How María gave us her vision of the world of Home Staging and how she had the patience to answer us one by one all the doubts we had was spectacular. All the projects he showed us were fantastic, you could see the work and dedication in each one of them. María is a super professional and besides, a great speaker giving classes! an absolute 10”

Ana Sánchez

Great professional

“It was a real pleasure to attend María’s masterclass in Interior Design Masterclass on Home Staging. I think she is a great professional who knew how to present her work in a clear and entertaining way. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.”

Rosa Villalta

Thanks for helping to add

“It has been a real pleasure to have Maria’s experience in one of the masterclasses every Thursday … full of ideas, advice and knowledge about Home Stanging. Thanks for helping to add 😉”

Natalia Marchal

More than an interior designer !!

“María, your training is great and I love how you transmit … so it is normal that 90% of the clients are loyal to you. You are more than an interior designer !! And a safe bet !!! Thank you for sharing your experience and professionalism !!”

Guillermo Ruiz Merino

He has great ideas and works magic with spaces

“She gave me a home staging class and I loved it. He is very professional and has generously shared his knowledge. He has great ideas and works magic with spaces.”

Mónica Pérez

I loved how he is a retailer in his projects

“I really liked the class that María offered us in the Master of Interior Design carried out by Nuevo Estilo (now ELLE) and UCM. I loved how he is a retailer in his projects. It opened my eyes to think that Home Staging is one more option in an interior design studio. And of course with a phrase he mentioned from Oscar Wilde: “There is never a second chance to make a good impression”

Amaya Torrón


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