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Boadilla del Monte House

Boadilla del Monte (Madrid)

Recently built house in Boadilla del Monte, whose owners contacted María del Valle Interior Staging to carry out a complete development of the interior design of the house, including small reforms in the bathrooms. The specific cabinetmaking design of oak bookcases in the living room, additional furniture, a large office to work from home, as well as all the cabinets throughout the house and a laundry space were carried out. Everything tailored and personalized. The furnishing and decoration project of the entire house pursued an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, in which noble materials such as marble, solid woods, brass, rich textiles and wallpapers were combined. The design of the fireplace by María el Valle and executed by Chimeneas Lumbre, brings a touch of warmth to this home in Boadilla del Monte. The pieces of art, paintings and sculptures, give a unique character to this house.

"Art and sophistication together"

María del Valle

Maria thinks about all the details

“María has very good taste and knows how to adapt the needs of the project to the objectives of the clients. It is very accessible, it also has a super professional team. It is impossible to say “no” when presenting an idea to improve the project. Committed to execution, she thinks about all the details.”

Boadilla del Monte

María is committed to the project

“Maria, with her innovative and experienced head on the subject, knows how to listen and understand her clients. She is committed so that the project is focused on the desired style. The proposals he made us for each room were very successful. Maria facilitates the entire process with suppliers, reforms, materials etc … She makes it very easy for you. We are very happy with their work and grateful since everything turned out very well.”

Boadilla del Monte

María manages the whole process without having to worry

“We decided to carry out the 2nd interior design project with María, because we were very happy with the results of the first. In addition, you have a lot of experience and good taste when it comes to choosing materials. We received in a short time the pre-project of the telework office, I was really impressed again because everything was impeccable. At the time of execution, María is committed to times, suppliers and manages everything without having to worry. A success to have worked together again. 100% recommendable.”

Boadilla del Monte

A marvel to collaborate on your designs, excellent professional !!

Chimeneas Lumbre
(Chimneys supplier)

Professional and good taste of María del Valle

I must highlight the professionalism and good taste of María when choosing qualities and designs for her clients. It has been a pleasure working with you and we hope that we will continue to do so on many more occasions.

Aluminios Crisant (Supplier in Madrid)

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