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House in Mirasierra


The tenants of this house located in Mirasierra (Madrid), contacted María del Valle Interior Staging, to get a sense of home in their new rental house. After several rental houses with large destinations, they sought to achieve a defined style in which the whole family (4 children) had a place and could share space and emotions. Five rooms to redecorate in which brightness, a feeling of warmth and organization were sought. A space was needed for two adolescent girls, as well as another corner for twins under 3 years old. The entrance hall, a reading corner and a spacious family room and dining room were the other rooms to decorate. The fabrics from KA International and Ethnic Carpets, rugs and vertical elements from Lorena Canals and blinds from Komorebi, supported the selection made by Maria del Valle Interior Staging Studio.

"Key light and spaciousness of the decoration"

María del Valle

Professionalism, closeness and listening are for us the words that best define Maria

“Professionalism, closeness and listening are for us the words that best define Maria. We couldn’t be happier with having chosen Maria to decorate our hall and entrance! First of all, María has taken care to know us, our needs and understand our lifestyle to ensure that she would know how to interpret what we were looking for. Others suggested that I send photos and send a project by email … nothing personal. The project progressed, always considering our comments but contributing their knowledge and know-how. If you want to have a nice house, where you are comfortable and you feel identified, María achieves it 100%. I recommend trusting their proposals! The result has been even better than what was seen on paper. Thank you Maria for investing the time you have invested in us, for being so close and for making us happier in our home !!”


It is a real joy working with María

The care and affection that Maria puts in her projects is not something that is seen every day, it has been a real joy to work with her. The whole process was enjoyable and dynamic thanks to his professionalism and good work. I hope we can collaborate again very soon 🙂

Bea S. Rojo
El Lado Bueno Photography


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